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What does "Rounding Cards" mean?

Your rounding cards are the cards that you wish to have your change rounded up from. For example, if you make a purchase using one of your Rounding Cards for $5.64, then $0.36 will be added to your total donation amount for the month.

In order to connect your card, you will need to login to your Bank/Financial Institution to verify the card. Your banking information is tokenized and protected via Plaid's partnership with your bank. PWI never sees or stores this information.


What does "Billing Account" mean?

Each month, the total donation amount from your Rounding Cards will be withdrawn from the "Billing Account" that you choose.


How is my "change" calculated and donated?

First, you must link your "Rounding Card" and "Billing Account" to your PWI Swipe account via desktop or the mobile app. Once your credit/debit card(s) are linked, shop like normal and your spare change will be totaled up and donated to your nonprofit(s) of choice at the end of the month. The sum of your change will be withdrawn from your "billing account" at the end of each month and your selected nonprofit(s) will receive the funds in a quarterly check.


What if I want to link more than one card?

Will I be giving twice as much change?

Yes! You will be giving even more of your change if you link more than one card, but not exactly twice as much — that depends on how many transactions you make per card.


Can I set a cap for how much I want to give through PWI Swipe each month?

Yes! You can set a monthly cap to whatever dollar amount you desire.


When will my account be charged for my PWI Swipe donation?

The sum of your change will be debited from your chosen funding account at the end of the month. Depending on your banking institution, you may not see the transaction on your statement until the 10th of following month.

If you collected, say, $23.78 in change for The Good Nonprofit in the month of January, at the end of the month — or by the 10th of February — your donation would be listed as “PWI Foundation — $23.78" on your statement. The Good Nonprofit will be given the sum of your donations every quarter through the PWI Foundation.

By going through the PWI Foundation, we can continue to ensure that supporters like you will receive tax deductions for your donations — and do it all without charging transaction fees.


I can't find my bank.

Reach out to one of our Nonprofit Coordinators, we’ll see what we can do. Sometimes we can submit a request to Plaid© to iron things out.


I keep getting an error trying to connect my bank.

Uh oh. Let one of our Nonprofit Coordinators know


My total says $0, but I know I’ve been using my card.

Hmm, that’s strange. First, make sure that both your funding and linked accounts are active. If there still seems to be an issue, let one of our Nonprofit Coordinators know


How do I know my payment and banking information is safe? This sounds good and all, but I'm not sure I trust it.

Security is our priority. We know that without your trust and support, we would not be able to impact the work of nonprofits around the world. We employ bank grade security systems to keep your data safe and protected. All transactions use SSL to keep the flow of information safe and verified. Your banking information is tokenized and stored in a PCI compliant system — and PWI never sees or stores your payment information.

Instead, we partner with Stripe© a secure payment processing software known internationally for being a game-changer in online payment processes. Stripe© secures the payment processing for companies like Amazon, Google, Spotify, Facebook, Microsoft, Kickstarter, Salesforce, UNICEF, Habitat for Humanity and Uber, just to name a few, and we trust PWI users with them too. We use Stripe© for all PWI Swipe transactions.

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