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The Restoring Point Church is built on a community of servant leaders, volunteers who give their time, energy, and resources.  All teams work together to glorify God and create community.

Our goal is to use technology, social media, photography, and video to promote the gospel, church activities, and events.

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The worship team works as part of the church experience, welcoming all into a moment of meditation and encounter with God, existing to praise and glorify God with song and by leading lives of worship.


Our mission is to give a quality welcome, leading people to restoration and accepting each person as they are, being ambassadors and examples of Christ, projecting an impression of friendship, kindness, comfort, and love.


Amor, Amistad, Recibir, Comodidad, Oración

Christ is the cornerstone of the arch, Christ is the center of our ministry.

We are the arches through which all visitors to the church always pass and in this way give excellent service to visitors, such as the members of this congregation. with kindness, joy, friendship, and love.


Serve God and our neighbor. with friendship, joy and love.

Juan 12:26

The Welcome Team is led by Georgina Galindo, Mirna Villagran, and Fransisco Linares.

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